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Cognitive Games and Mind-Stimulating Activities for Seniors


Just as physical activities strengthen our body, cognitive exercise and training stimulate the brain. The more seniors challenge their mental capabilities, the better is the processing of information. Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, an Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, prepares the following activities to keep seniors sharp, active, and mentally engaged.

  • Puzzle & Word Games
    Word games or puzzles, such as crosswords, sudoku, word search, etc., give ways to keep the mind engaged. It helps them remember things and significant events.
  • Card Games
    Common card games like Poker, Memory Match, Go Fish, and Solitaire help to improve cognitive functions in seniors. These activities stimulate some parts of the brain responsible for logical problem-solving, memory retention, among others.
  • Chess and Strategy Games
    Strategy games stimulate multiple parts of the brain and are widely known for educational purposes. They are proven to raise individuals’ IQ, prevent mental health problems, exercise the brain, increase creativity, and improve concentration, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Reading
    Reading an article on the web, enjoying a good novel, or catching up with the daily news do not only keep seniors entertained and informed. According to a study, reading sparks up the imagination and forces the brain to make figures to match the words written on papers, considering it as one of the most effective ways to exercise the brain.
  • Use of Hands
    Activities focusing on hand-eye coordination and creativity like knitting, playing an instrument, sewing, and even video games help seniors exercise the brain.

As an Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, we take the time to help the mental well-being of our senior residents in the center by providing them with mind-stimulating and entertaining activities. Our Adult Day Services provide a room for senior’s improvement in all aspects of well-being.

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