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Creating Sensory Gardens for People With Dementia


Time spent outdoors should be spent well, especially for people with dementia receiving nursing services in Dundalk, Maryland.

It is why it’s crucial to provide them with a dementia-friendly environment so they can enjoy various physical therapeutic activities and simultaneously stimulate their cognition. Creating a familiar outdoor space will encourage dementia patients to enjoy the natural light and provide a safe and quiet space to unwind.

How are sensory gardens different from typical ones? Sensory gardens—from the name itself, appeal to as many senses as possible to ground and inspire dementia patients receiving adult daycare services.

Dementia gardens are built with special features like raised beds, level walkways, water features, handrails, decorative planters, and meandering paths where people with dementia can rest and engage in recreational and social activities.

Here are tips for building your sensory garden at home:

  • Choose vibrant, tactile, fragrant, and easy-to-care plants. As much as possible, choose perennial plants like daylilies and bergenias to ensure the garden can be used throughout the year.
  • Pick color themes and other visual elements that can boost mood and energy levels.
  • Add personal touches like familiar figurines, photos, and sculptures that dementia patients requiring personal care in Maryland can interact with.
  • Create and maintain a clear and well-lit path to prevent falls and injuries.
  • Design a closed-loop walkway to ensure dementia patients don’t lose their way.

Nursing homes understand that the main point of designing a sensory garden is to consider the accessibility and suitability of its users. We at Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare strive to provide people with dementia opportunities to stimulate their senses, engage them in social interaction, and build confidence and concentration by creating a conducive environment.

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