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Mental and Physical Therapeutic Activities

Mental and Physical Therapeutic Activities

Aging can be challenging to adjust to, especially as health issues are taking place. These issues can affect both physical and mental functioning. Thus, it is important to engage in mental and physical therapeutic activities.

Here at Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, we understand that seniors are limited only to certain activities, that is why we have come up with mental and physical therapeutic activities as part of our adult daycare in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a provider of adult day services, we provide therapeutic activities in our facility to help seniors to stay physically and mentally active.

  • Fitness Programs
    We have fitness programs that can help our clients fulfill their health and fitness goals by improving their strength, flexibility, and balance through exercises and games, specifically tailored to their condition.
  • Enrichment Activities
    We help our clients keep their minds active to help them develop their creativity and improve hand-eye coordination. These activities that we provide do not involve a lot of moving because they primarily involve reading, knitting, and painting are just some of our enrichment activities.
  • Intellectual Activities
    We provide intellectual activities that boost cognitive stimulation, including game shows, arts and crafts, computer programs, and the like. This will help them improve their cognitive abilities and maintain a healthy mind.

Should you to know more about our adult medical daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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