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Tips on Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

Tips on Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

No matter your age, you can still always choose to improve your hand-eye coordination. As long as your eyesight serves you good, you can then improve both your central and peripheral vision alongside gaining the ability to quickly and accurately react to what you see. Take note of these drills listed by an adult daycare in Baltimore, Maryland:

  • Play catch

    A simple practice is tossing a tennis ball and trying to catch it with one hand, and then passing it to the other hand. This can already greatly improve your central vision. You can also make this a fast-game of catch with your partner. Once you improve your central sight, you can then go ahead and improve your peripheral vision. Let your partner test you by throwing the balls indirectly at you, slightly to your left or right. An adult medical daycare in Dundalk, Maryland can provide you with a buddy so you can continually improve your central and peripheral vision.

  • Learn to juggle

    Juggling is mostly used as a hand-eye coordination practice for athletes to improve their peripheral vision. Juggling allows you to see the upper point where the balls cross and at the same time make decisions as to where your hands need to move based on that.

There are many other hand-eye coordination practices mostly revolving around practicing your eyes to notice more quickly and accurately. Let a provider of adult day services provide you with assistance in improving this ability.

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