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What Causes Irritability in Seniors

We love our senior loved ones, and we try to understand them throughout everything. While mood swings or irritable episodes can sometimes shock or leave us feeling hurt, we know deep down our loved one remains.

As an experienced provider of Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, we have our share of these situations. Understanding the causes of their irritability can help you prevent or manage the situation better.

  • Physical pain makes anyone uncomfortable, or they lash out their emotions. As seniors cope up with chronic pain, they may lose control of their emotions. Pay attention to their body language and seek help to address their pain.
  • Social isolation can have detrimental effects on one’s mental health. When they feel alone and isolated, seniors may have trouble keeping up with social interactions. Addressing loneliness and isolation can help reduce their anxiety, stress, and even depression.
  • Certain medications can affect one’s disposition. As you receive your loved one’s prescription, your doctor will walk you through every side effect of their medication. Pay attention to those that can affect their mood or behavior.

There are many other reasons for irritability in seniors. Be open with your loved one and seek professional help.

Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare provides reliable Adult day services for your loved ones.

Learn more about the benefits of Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland. Call us today.

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