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How the Elderly Can Avoid Fractures


We already know how the elderly are susceptible to many illnesses and diseases due to their advanced age. But there’s one more thing to look out for, and that is injury. Because of their loss of balance, hand-eye coordination, and physical strength, they are also prone to physical injuries.

Most of the time, these injuries are only minor scratches and bruises. As time goes on, these injuries can lead to fractures and other more complex conditions. Providers of Adult day services can attest to that as they are caring for multiple elderly patients daily. No matter how careful and how protected our loved ones are, there will always be a chance to get injured.

While we cannot eliminate the chance of getting fractures, we can reduce it to almost zero. By doing so, we help prevent serious physical injuries in our elderly loved ones. As a provider of Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, here’s what we can recommend:

  • Strengthen their bones.
    By providing them with meals and snacks rich in calcium and vitamin D, their bones become stronger and more resistant to fractures and other injuries.
  • Have them exercise regularly.
    Regular exercise helps strengthen bones. If they do this regularly, it can help prevent fractures when injured.
  • Make their homes accident-proof.
    Attaching cushions, pads, and other soft materials on sharp surfaces can help absorb the shock of accidents. Using mobility assistance tools such as guard rails can help them with balance issues.

We like to find ways to help our elderly clients have a high quality of life. Meaning we should take care of them mentally, emotionally, and physically. That’s why we at Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare, a leading provider of Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, continue improving our service.

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