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Why You Should Take Your Medicines Correctly


Doctors prescribe medicines to relieve us from pain, control our illnesses, or prevent them from spreading. They recommend how many doses per day, how frequent, and in what mode to make the treatment effective, and we have to follow that. Adult day services caregivers should take this seriously, as the elderly must take these medications on time.

Seniors in an Adult Daycare in Baltimore, Maryland, may have conditions that require maintenance medicines. When they do not adhere to schedule, it may lower the potency of the antidote. It may cause a rebound and make the illness worse, and also cause drug resistance.

What to do?

  • Ask your Adult Medical Daycare in Dundalk, Maryland, to keep a medication reminder and set an alarm clock.
  • Use a pill organizer to know which to take daily in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Bring extras in your bag during travel and keep it close and handy so you won’t miss any dose.
  • Take them at the same time every day to create a pattern you can remember.
  • Do not stop medicating according to prescription even when you feel a little better – unless instructed by your doctor.

Experts provide us treatment to provide comfort and prolong our lives. We must not abuse it and strictly follow prescriptions. Caring Hands Adult Medical Daycare can help you manage your health conditions and make sure that you are comfortable during your stay.

We commit to our goal to meet every seniors’ individual needs – whatever conditions they have.

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